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"I Wasn't Supposed to Make it." Maybe you were.

August 22, 2018

Have you ever heard someone say, “I wasn’t supposed to make it?” Most times, I have heard this statement in terms of growing up in environments where violence, crime and/ or trauma were, and perhaps, still are present.  People have said this because statistically the odds were stacked against them to be successful let alone survive.  I am guilty of this way of thinking as well.  I look at the environment I grew up in and think, “How did I make it? How did fate miss me?”  I think it happened for two reasons.  One, I had my family’s love and support.  Two, I tend to be stubborn and want to prove people wrong.  Regarding support, that is not the case for everyone.  Some people do not come from a background filled with thoughtful words of encouragement.  Yet, they miraculously blossom into people that have literally defied other’s expectations. 


Rather than saying, “I wasn’t supposed to make it” perhaps the statement should be “I was supposed to make it.”  While many people’s backgrounds include unimaginable hurt, pain or disappointment, those experiences have made many who they are today.  It is because of those experiences--those early life experiences-- that they are able to see the world differently and envision what could be instead of always looking at what is.  They had to be the flowers that grew through the concrete so that the world around them could see possibilities.  If not for their tenacity and will, the world would know no hope. 

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