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Living on the edge...of the bed

March 30, 2018

Night after night parents sleep under strenuous conditions.  A kick to the back.  A chop to the neck.  A finger to the eye.  They are at war in their own beds.  The enemy? Anyone under the age of 10 that just cannot seem to stay asleep in their own bed.  For some strange reason, the big bed continues to foster turf wars unlike any other place in the home.  Many adults like to believe they will be triumphant in reclaiming their bed, but the sad reality is that many will fall.  Many will relinquish their power and accept their position at the edge of the bed.  Parents know that spot well.  At any time of night, they become professional gymnast.  Treading a fine line between restless sleep and holding on for dear life.  Meanwhile children sleep comfortably at their sides.  Unless parents lose their balance.  Then all bets are off. 



I have experienced this too many times.  I always ask myself, “Why do my children want to sleep in my bed? What’s so special?” The truth is I know why.  It’s the same reason I did it as a child.  It’s safe.  It’s comfortable.  And it’s safe.  No monster, thief, or anything that goes bump in the night, can get me in my parent’s bed.  It’s the equivalent of pulling the sheets over your head when you are scared (because for some reason children think monsters would never think to look under the sheets).  Although it can be annoying, a part of me enjoys watching my children sleep in my bed.  They look so at peace with the world.  And even if it brings me some discomfort, I like that they go to bed knowing that mommy is right there.  At the end of the day, sharing my bed is temporary.  Eventually they will grow out of it and my heart will miss them a bit.  As for my back, neck, and eye?  Not so much. 

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